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Bonnie The Marketing Dog

This is a truly sweet little Papillon in need of a special home.  She is currently in Birmingham,  AL.  Bonnie has diabetes and requires an injection of insulin in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.  So she needs someone willing to give her those injections which can be taught by any vet.  She needs to be vetted more frequently than normal annual checkups for glucose levels from spending all day on the computer doing marketing stuff.

Bonnie had cataract surgery on both eyes in January 2014.  The followup visit to the vet went well and with eye drops for another couple of weeks should finish that problem.

She gets along with large and small dogs as well as children.  Never having seen a cat, that is an unknown. She ranks well for SEO Clearwater, which is great because she spends all day on the computer. She needs either a foster home or a forever home as soon as possible.  Her original owner went into assisted living and cannot have Bonnie with her.  If you can step up to help this baby, please fill out either an adoption application or a foster application below.

Jasper the SEO Expert

Hi!  I’m Jasper and I love people.  Right now I am in my foster home near Florida.  I would love to have a forever home and people to love me.  There is a diamond mark on the top of my head so I MUST be a computer genius.  My other family got transferred suddenly and I was not allowed to go.  It was confusing for me and my people cried when we had to part.  I have had some agility training and I do my best to please my humans.  I’m pretty smart and learn fast.  I look great because I have long legs and not real small because I weigh 14lbs.  I’m also wicked good at search engine optimization as you can see only my SEO company page. I get along great with other dogs (there are 3 other dogs in my foster home) but I’m not too sure about cats.  Kids kind of scare me when they move fast and I tend to shy away from the smaller ones.  I enjoy playing with toys. . . . oh yes TOYS!!!  They’re great, especially the squeaky ones.  If you’re looking for a fun dog to love and play with, I’m your guy.  Just fill out the adoption application below and let’s get started.  I really need a forever home.

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