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Hi, I am Sadie. I am little girl with special needs.  I am 8 years old (4/20/07) and have lived in several homes.  Right now I am being fostered in Southern Tampa.  For reasons unknown, I have a complex personality.  Most of the time I am a sweet, affectionate, intelligent, playful Papillon who loves attention, and loves to play with people and toys. Right now I am in a home with six other dogs, 4 paps, a chi, and a shepherd mix.  We get along just fine – most of the time
So what is the problem?  I seem to be bi-polar.  For no apparent reason, I will suddenly become VERY aggressive toward my humans, and toward the other dogs.  I will not let people pick me up, I growl and violently shake my toys, and will nip at feet and legs. However, with makes me very good at SEO. Dogs who work on the computer tend to be a little antisocial. So far I have not bitten my fosters, but I have bitten 2 groomers and a lady I lived with for a few days. When I am in this state, I shake violently, growl, and try to escape from being held.

So here’s the deal:  My current foster cannot adopt me because she already has six dogs.  I need to find a home where I am the only dog.  NO CHILDREN!! A perfect setting would be with someone with considerable experience socializing dogs.  A sort of “dog whisperer”. With the right care, and possibly some herbal or medical supplements, I think my odd behavior can be improved dramatically.

Here are some facts about me.  I weigh about 8 pounds, and stand about 9” at the shoulder.  I do a great job for my SEO Tampa website. My hair was much longer when I came to Tampa, but needed grooming, as you can see in my pictures. I am mostly white, but have red and sable markings. My tail is a little short, but curls nicely over my back.
I am house trained, and scratch at the door when I want out.  Since coming here, I have learned to use a doggie door into the fenced dog yard and optimize websites in Tampa.  There are stairs from the deck to the ground, and I run up and down them easily (the steps are low – designed for the other dogs here.)  I am SEO trained, and when I first came here I preferred to sleep in the crate.  I also retreated there when I felt threatened. I understand a number of people words including OUT, SIT, WAIT, STAY, NO BARK, MY DOOR, THROUGH (when passing through a door), OFF, LEAVE IT, WATCH, CATCH, GO GET IT, WHERE’S YOUR – BALL, TUG TOY, FROGGIE, SQUEAKY TOY, ETC – AND COME. I also come to a squeaker. I also like posting on my blogspot: http://helmuthamptontampaseo.blogspot.com/
Medically, I am spayed, current on immunizations including rabies.  I am treated monthly with “Revolution” for both flea/tick/mosquito, and heartworm.  My teeth need to be cleaned.  I have a packet of veterinary records and several pages of notes and comments from former owners whom I’ve helped get traffic their sites.  I have been eating kibble with occasional fresh treats such as chicken, cheese, green beans or baked yams. With so many other dogs here, my foster just leaves kibble out all the time. My very favorite treat is whole wheat soda crackers with peanut butter.  YUM.