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You Should Notice These 3 Things When You Maintain Electrical Equipment

Electricity is something that cannot be seen by the naked eye, therefore when we need a tool to detect such voltage as using a digital multimeter and other electrical aids. In carrying out electrical equipment maintenance activities, there are 3 things that you must pay attention to. Additionally, you may also hire the trusted and recommended reading whenever you want to repair the electrical installation in your property.

Here are the 3 things that you must notice when you maintain electrical equipment:

1. Tighten the Electrical Connection

Slack and tight electrical connections are one of the causes of a failure in the electrical system which results in overheating. Often we see or read newspapers that preach the occurrence of fires due to short circuit. This short circuit is actually not the main cause because when there is a short circuit there is still a safety device called a Circuit Breaker that will disconnect electrical current when a short circuit occurs. However, after being examined many cases of fires that occur due to the existence of a loose electrical connection to cause excessive heat and burn objects that are around it. Therefore, in maintaining electrical equipment, make sure all the cable connections are tight and tight to prevent this risk.

2. Avoid Humidity

Humid temperatures and water are big enemies of all electrical equipment because they can cause ground fault and short circuit. In maintaining your electrical equipment, make sure everything is dry, including in the enclosure and insulator, to minimize the risk of electrical failure caused by humid temperatures and air.

3. Clean Electrical Equipment

Any dust and dirt cannot be considered ordinary. In electrical, dust and electricity equipment can cause electrical failure because it can reduce the resistance value of the insulator which will certainly cause ground fault or short circuit, therefore, in electrical equipment maintenance activities it is also a good idea to clean your electrical equipment, especially in the cable section connect and on the tensioned part.