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Columbia SC HVAC The Profesional Of HVAC Service That Has Many Certificate

Columbia sc hvac is taking the extra time and effort to get their accreditation, they demonstrate their commitment to hard work and superior customer service. The following are some of the qualifications that you want to consider before hiring a professional or HVAC service company.

NATE Certification

NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence. The organization was founded more than 15 years ago and is the largest non-profit group in the HVAC and refrigeration industry. NATE is a testing organization that allows technicians to show their knowledge in their fields through various certification exams. There are many different exams available, and technicians can get certifications in various fields such as heat pumps, gas heaters, commercial coolers, and more. They can be certified in the Installation and/or Service of identified areas in the industry.

Factory Training

The manufacturers offer factory training on-site at their facilities. This is a very valuable educational opportunity for technicians who enable them to learn absolute best practices and advanced problem-solving skills from the manufacturer itself. Homeowners can benefit from hiring a team that has factory training for the brand of equipment they have installed or repaired. Special knowledge of these professionals can far exceed what is trained and equipped with general technicians to handle.

EPA Certification

Required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that all people handling refrigerants must be certified through their programs. EPA, a government agency, offers three types of certifications that apply to professionals who work with refrigerators, property air conditioners, and vehicle air conditioning systems. They also offer additional testing and certification in categories such as preventive maintenance and indoor air quality.

Manufacturer Authorized Dealer

By affiliating with manufacturers as authorized dealers, it shows that they are the leading, cutting-edge resource in the latest engine and service options. They are also experienced in all the different equipment options available and can help homeowners make the right choices for their respective situations, both for installation, repair, or replacement.