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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living In An Studio Apartment

If you still live alone but want the comfort of housing, then the choice to live in a studio type apartment is certainly the right choice. Because besides the price is more affordable, this type of apartment also offers no less comfort compared to other types. The studio type apartment itself is a miniature apartment unit, which is only about 20 to 30 square meters. However, with this limited space, you can already get a sitting area, bathroom, bedroom, TV room, workspace, kitchen and dining room at once without a partition, except for the bathroom. That’s why if you want a more spacious place to live, just check out the Wilshire Residences showflat.

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of staying in a studio type apartment, as reported by the Liputan 6 News page, including:


1. Save maintenance costs

Living in an apartment will certainly burden you with a number of maintenance costs. In general, the amount of this fee depends on the policy of the manager of the apartment. These maintenance and repair costs are generally applied based on the area of the apartment you occupy. Furthermore, you may check out Wilshire Residences showflat if you wish to buy an affordable residence.

2. Simple and practical

By only having one room that can be used for all needs, of course, this will make you more freedom to move.

3. The room is easily arranged with a low budget

Small cuts will certainly make you easier to organize. You can also add a variety of decorations or even put wallpaper on the walls. You can also easily organize every part of your studio apartment space even with a limited budget. However, if you want a better-quality apartment/condo, just check out Wilshire Residences.


1. The room feels cramped

With its small size, it certainly makes this apartment look cramped because each of your activities is carried out in the same room.

2. Difficult to receive guests

If you are the type of person who often spends time with your friends or friends, then the studio type is not the right choice because of its limited size.

You Can Do These Tips When You Run An Inherited Business

You may run a business with your own way and your own rule. It’s true that running a business can be more flexible than working in someone’s company. However, it doesn’t mean that you can do anything as you please, due to there are others who can be affected by your business decisions, especially your employees. Furthermore, it will be even more tricky to run an inherited business. Some people might think that running an inherited business is easy, but it’s actually not as easy as what people have said. Aside from understanding about small business factoring agreements and problems, you also need to know the right tips to run a business which you have received from someone.

Here are the tips that you can try:

You can learn with the previous owner thoroughly

If the previous owner is still alive and well, then it will be necessary for you to learn from him. However, if he can’t teach you at the moment, perhaps learning from those who work under that person can be a good idea as long as they can be trusted completely. By learning from the previous owner’s achievements and mistakes, you will be able to predict what kind of goals and problems that you might have to face in the future when you run the inherited business.

You must ensure that the business has become yours completely

Some people may target you in a bad way when you inherit a large business. Sometimes people who have worked under the care of the previous owner may feel that they deserve to inherit the company more than you. So in order to avoid any inconveniences and disputes in the future, you need to make sure that you have become the true owner of that company in the eyes of the laws and government legally.

You may repair the shattered relationships from the past

If the previous owners have disappointed so many potential business owners in the past, you might want to rebuild the shattered relationship in your own way for the sake of the company’s future. Just make sure that you only choose the potential business partners that you can trust.